Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twitter Dee and Twitter Dum

I'm about 3 weeks into twitter...and here's what I've discovered: The best places for scones,
cheese danish, and sunsets from here to Montauk...pithy sayings, witticisms, cries for help and
shameless effrontery...links to foursquare, websites on how to market, articles on what not to say at interviews, when to speak up about scams and when to remain silent lest we reveal too much.

News and weather junkies have instant access to traffic jams on the LIE, flooding on the streets of LI, extreme home makeover extravaganza in East Setauket, and Yankee scores-it's all a tweetbeat away.

It's also a great way to get to know people (and product) from a distance, yet decidedly makes the world a smaller place. Have a new start-up businesses worth examining? A service no one has thought of before? You have 140 characters to market, to social media market. The loudest chirp gets the worm! Although, quality not quantity counts in tweetdom!

My guilty pleasure, as a writer and PR paratweet, is having the chance to opine about everything and anything, with the challenge of being concise! Sometimes I get feedback and maybe somewhere I've had the chance to inform or enlighten, as I've been informed.

I've hitched my wagon to this flightless bird known as Twitter.