Monday, February 21, 2011

My First LI Tweetup

At the risk of sounding like that famous duck, I had a tewefic time meeting my tweeps in the flesh at my first LITweetup. We met over drinks and apps, appetizers, that is, at Honu in Huntington. I played a little game, trying to match up the twitter avatars to the faces, and did remarkably well. After being welcomed by @SueanneShirzay, jewelry designer extraordinaire, I spied @NathanRKing behind a camera and @MissBeckala. I then proceeded to introduce myself to a magazine publisher, a Newsday reporter, a Mom turned digital columnist and several small business entrepreneurs. I knew social guru, @LovelyLu, my kindred spirit from the East, and entrepreneur and host with the most, @Namnum, from social media camp. My fellow LIMJSG tweeps, @LeeBogner and @PaulBiedermann were there too. As the night progressed, the topics discussed ranged from mortgages and parenting to co-working facilities and job hunting. Eclectic, and educational, this tweet-up was so important from a standpoint of how social media can bring people from such diverse backgrounds together to network. All in all, an important, enjoyable way to meet, discuss and learn new things. In one word, a real “ tweat”!


  1. Hey Lily, I'm so glad you made it out for an LITweetUP and I'm glad to hear that you experienced it the way I do. It really is an amazing community of passionate people and it's cool to see what happens when you let people gather without the 'agenda' of networking.

    People become friends first and then great things happen. I overheard partnerships, events, new companies and non-profits all being planned that night, but more importantly, everyone was laughing and getting to know people on a level they might not somewhere else. Great job by @SueanneShirzay and @Lovelylu organizing!

  2. Thanks for the mention Lily! It was great to see you!

  3. It was greating see you guys and making new contacts. I felt like part of a like-minded family. Can't wait to attend more!