Friday, June 4, 2010

The Summer of my Content

At the end of my yoga class the morning, as we sat in silent meditation, my yoga instructor suggested we think "I am content" as we go through our day. At first, skeptic that I am, I questioned it,thinking, "but I'm not really". Upon further discussion about the wisdom of living in the moment and not getting bogged down by what we can't control, and the disappointments we have as we live our day to day, it became clearer to me. The focus is to start enjoying the small things - hearing a great song, engaging someone in an interesting conversation, having an energizing workout or laughing out loud at something comical.
The problems of unemployment,world crises, nasty relatives, oppositional children, etc. will always be there. Since we can't change a lot of these issues, maybe the idea of "I am content" along with some deep breathing could create serenity and calm, even temporarily. Especially if we stop and think about the good stuff we do have. I will try this out...I have nothing to lose.

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  1. excellent way to look at things. I may have to give this a go as well...